New Recycling Program Rules & Schedule

The City of Long Beach has transitioned to a city-wide residential alternating schedule.

Residential Recycling pickup takes place on Wednesdays only. The materials recycled will alternate weekly; paper and cardboard will be picked up one week and the following Wednesday will be pickup for plastic, metal and glass.

By sorting your recyclables by type, you can help to cut down on recycling waste and increase the amount of recoverable material that can be sourced out of your recyclables.

EMPTY and RINSE all containers and place glass, metal and plastics in a container.
FLATTEN and BUNDLE all paper and cardboard and place in a container.

High Rise Pickup (East Broadway, West Broadway, and Shore Road) - Recycling pickup: 6 days a week - Monday through Saturday (no Sunday pickup).

Commercial Pickup (Park Avenue and West Beech Street) - Recycling Pickup is seven days a week. Please separate recyclable glass, metal & plastic from cardboard & paper. Both products will be picked up everyday.

Download the following guides:

What to Recycle and How to Recycle Properly

Recycling Zone Calendar

What can you recycle in Long Beach?

Paper, including computer and ledger paper, mail, flyers, telephone books, notecards, newspaper, magazines, file folders, paper bags, catalogs and all envelopes, including those with windows.

Cardboard, including cardboard boxes and chipboard, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, dry food boxes, shoe boxes and detergent boxes.

Metals, including aluminum, tin, meat cans, soda cans, juice cans, soup cans, vegetable cans, pet food cans, pie tins, clean aluminum foil, and empty paint and aerosol cans.

Glass bottles and jars, including soda bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, sauce jars and pickle jars.

Plastics: PETE 1 - Polyethylene Terephthlate, including plastic soda bottles, plastic juice bottles and plastic water bottles.

Plastics: HDPE 2 - High Density Polyethylene, including milk jugs, laundry detergent and planters.

Plastics: PP 5 - Polyproplylene, including yogurt tubs, plastic bottle tops and margarine tubs.

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