New Recycling Program Rules & Schedule

Dual-Stream Recycling Program

Effective January 1, 2021 the City of Long Beach will transition to Dual Stream Recycling. This means that residents place clean mixed paper in one container and other recyclables such as plastic, glass and metal in another.

It's easy, just separate glass, metal & plastic from cardboard & paper. Place bottles, cans and plastics in one container. EMPTY and RINSE all containers. Paper and cardboard should be flattened and bundled or placed in a separate container. Two recycling trucks will pick up items separately.

Residential Recycling pickup will take place five days a week and has been divided into zones. Please see the residential map and key for your designated recycling day.

Commercial Recycling will continue six days a week as follows: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Clean Mixed Paper and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; Mixed Containers.

Download the following guides:

What to Recycle and How to Recycle Properly

Residential Zone Map and Key

Recycling Zone Calendar

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