Get Involved and Volunteer

New volunteers are welcome at all of our events. Let's keep our coastal community beaches clean together!

Connect with us for all the latest information, news and event details. Fill out the form below to become a crew member.

We send a weekly email with details and location of our next beach cleanup event.

Beach Cleanup Details

Our beach cleanups last for one hour. Supplies will be provided to all volunteers before we get started; such as garbage bags, protective gloves and garbage pickers. We also have hand sanitizer for use before, during and after the event. We encourage use of reusable garbage bags and gloves.

Donations Welcome

We collect supply donations at the start of our events. We are currently in need of the following supplies: eco friendly garbage bags, protective gloves and garbage pickers.

Please Stay Off The Dunes

Please Stay Off The Jetty

What Not To Clean Up?

Broken Glass

Be smart, be safe. Please notify the lead cleanup crew member to properly dispose of these items.